Pledgestock Live

Project Description

In December 8 and 9, 2010, Seventh Films organized a video shoot for artists to help represent abused and marginalized children to Manila and the rest of the world.

But to put a little spin on it, we decided that the shoot was going to be an event in itself.  So we treated it like one.  We called it Pledgestock Live.

We wrote scripts for the artists to work on, told them about the two Negros-based NGO’s Tapulanga Foundation and Kalipay Negrense Foundation and they all came.

I called on all my artist and celebrity friends from the industry and to be honest, I expected 20 at most would show up. I knew how busy these people are especially during the month of December.

57celebrity artists came and went in front of the camera.

And just as planned, it wasn’t just a shoot, it was an event.

Project Details