Ligaw Liham

Ligaw LihamLigaw liham was an entry to Cinemalaya festival 2007, it was directed by Jay Abello and  Manny Montelibano.

Ligaw Liham Synopsis

When one is invisible, one is likely to lose his way. To an individual whom society fails to notice because of a diminishing circumstance, it is easy enough to lose himself in things that would otherwise be unacceptable. Ligaw Liham is this kind of story. Nor, considered the town simpleton, finds an opportunity to sway to the dance of love when he takes over the pen of Karen’s husband and wrote letters not his. This is a story on how deeply people get affected when one of society’s basic services stops working. It takes inspiration from a true incident involving a provincial post office in Negros that simply stopped working at a pre-texting era when people tend to be completely dependent on the mailing system – letters were neither coming nor going, leaving an unaccounted number of corrupted lives.



Ligaw Liham Trailer