7th Films Team Meet Our Team



An industry disciple for over 13 years, Jay has worked on over 25 feature films in the Philippines, including soap operas and tv commercials under the tutelage of the best directors like Peque Gallaga, Erik Matti, Yam Laranas, Mark Meily and Laurice Guillen.  As a cinematographer, he apprenticed under Lee Meily from 2004 to 2007.

Among Jay Abello’s best works is doing cinematography for the films Brutus (Tara Illenberger, 2008), Donor (Mark Meily, 2010), Kano': the American and his harem, (Coreen Jimenez, 2010) and Aparisyon (Vince Sandoval, 2012).

He has also directed two feature films; Ligaw Liham aka Letters of Nor and Namets! aka Yummy!) and one full length documentary (Pureza: the real story of Negros sugar, 2012).

Jay is a certified hermit. The only way you’ll get him off of his computer is to watch a movie, surf or to shoot something.  But deep down and in his alternate reality he thinks he’s a chef and an architect. He also wants to do stand-up comedy when he grows old.



Maita is a graduate of Film and Audio-Visual Communication from the University of the Philippines, Diliman. She has garnered several directing and screenplay awards as a student filmmaker and after graduating continued her practice in the entertainment industry as a director, writer and producer for television and independent films.

By 2009, she, together with two friends established TASK (The Art School for Kids) and Party Painters both of which are child- oriented ventures that deal with events, art, entertainment and education.

She’s on her way to making her first full-length feature.

The ultimate fan of Pinoy food, Maita can eat sisig, sinigang, inasal and ensaladang manga everyday. To her, a meal without rice is no meal at all. Also called little miss sunshine by some of her peers, Maita finds a sad face most difficult to maintain. Her love of laughter gives her the tendency to sometimes look at the world through rose-colored glasses.

She’s currently trying to cure her book addiction but is failing miserably so.



Alfred is a true student of the craft, constantly evolving his approach to the art of cinematography while continuously exploring unconventional rhythms of storytelling in the edit suite.  Born in Manila but raised across several U.S. bases in Japan, he returned to his roots to earn a Multimedia Arts degree from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde.  After graduating, he took up a Director’s Apprenticeship under Peque Gallaga as he sought to discover his own voice.  In 2009, Alfred began his career in advertising as an offline editor for Post Manila, working with some of the country’s most prolific film and TVC directors such as Erik Matti, Paolo Dy, Mario Cornejo, Paolo Villaluna, and Joel Limchoc.  By 2011, he established Quiet Storm, a small yet complete production solution specializing in the guerilla filmmaking of corporate AVPs, music videos, and virals.  Under this entity, he would direct, shoot, and edit content for brands such as Hyundai Asia Resources, Lexus Manila Inc., and Toyota Motor Philippines.  He also works as a cinematographer for ETC Networks.

Alfred loves peanut butter, just as much as he loves donuts, cookies and Philly cheesesteak sandwiches.  Fortunately, he’s also been known to spend a few hours of the week in the gym to counter these addictions.  If not playing with his French Bulldog named Hurley, Alfred can be caught dreaming about his pro career in the NBA. Or the NFL. Or as a big wave surfer.



A multi-media arts graduate from the De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde, Erika  enjoys experimenting with various tools and techniques in designing for print, video, and web. She has worked both freelance and full time in Red Balloon Productions and Mrs. Fields. Currently, she is a part time graphics designer in GMA Creative Imaging Group.

With a glance at her slender frame, you wouldn’t believe that this girl has a voracious appetite.  She’s also a fan of IKEA Furniture but somehow does not own one.  In fact, her inspiration to draw and design furniture during her spare time, is not to own any IKEA product.



Grace graduated Cum Laude from the University of the Philippines Diliman with a degree in Film and Audio Visual Communication. Her first documentary “Traces of Awakening” tackled the predicaments of the earliest settlers of the Philippines: the Aetas.

Her mentors include Peque Gallaga, Manny Montelibano, Lawrence Fajardo, and Bombi Plata.

When Grace is not creating videos and documentaries for NGOs, she works as an Assistant Director and Editor for TV shows, commercials, music videos and films.

Grace is someone who takes pride at her job and at the same time she makes it a fun and joyful environment to work at. She’s able to make her cohorts feel comfort in times of frustration, but rest assured that she’d get the job done. In light of things, she has the ability to balance a work environment and make it feel like a vacation. If you search the meaning of the new word workation, it will say Grace Simbulan.




Checcs is a woman of varied interests and professions.

She is a writer for film, TV, print, radio, theater and the web.

As editor-in-chief, she has produced newspapers and magazines both here and abroad. Two of her love stories have been published as novelettes.

Her graphic designs have been featured in both print and online publications.

She is also a Technical Director for theater and stage.

She also worked as Executive Producer for film and TV.  As an actress, she has appeared in 14 films.

Teaching had been an elusive passion for Checcs…she has only taught for a total of 1 year and a half, a year of which was at the University of St. La Salle.

In the colorful world of music, she has worked as a record producer, sound engineer, musical scorer and singer.

She is an advocate of Solid Waste Management and teaches poor communities. She presently lives by the beach in a sleepy town in the South of Negros and goes up the mountains for her NGO work for indigent school children.

Checcs is a middle-aged woman of varied interests.   She sported grass green hair for a little more than three years.  As of this writing, she dyed her hair  neon pink.  She is also obsessed with a 112-year old vampire.